Sunglasses... I LOVE SUNGLASSES. I have a dish in my entryway filled with them. I wear them all. But this is an expensive habit, and so I did a dance of joy when I learned about Shop Ditto Endless . It's like Rent the Runway + Netlfix but for SUNGLASSES. It's like Netflix in that you can switch or keep the pair as often as you want, for as long as you want. It's like RTR in that you get access to some deluxe, designer, fashion shades.

Super easy process order a new "rental" pair and then when you get your new ones to send them back in that box. You always have a pair of amazing designer glasses! These are some seriously dope Karen Walker Glasses. At only $19/month it's cheaper than buying a pair of these glasses, and they send you a fresh microfiber cloth every month (I use those things for everything.) 

If you find one you love and can't live without,  you can buy them! *here's $50 off*

Dress by The Reformation (Malia dress in Dahlia) | Thin Strap Pouch Bag (sim) | Bandana (tied on bag $5) | Thin Cuff Bracelet ($24 on Etsy, 14k fill, so thin and delicate but also substantial, strongly recommend) | Adidas Sandals | Janessa Leone Hat

**Note: That's not my nipple, that's my scar which is currently stretched out pretty wide along my chest.  I can longer afford to be even remotely self conscious about my scar because it's too hot for that and I live in SF and don't have enough clothes for this. Oh hey global climate change - can you give me a break here? I am dying to wear a freaking baggy sweater.