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Here's what I love about Glossier products in a nutshell:

1) The packaging is freaking the most adorable, as is everything else they do.

2) The products are shockingly effective if your desired look is plumped up and dewy skin (but if you want to hide your pores you're in the wrong place)

3) It comes with stickers (STICKERS!) & the cutest pink make-up bag ever (seen here)

I basically am obsessed beyond measure with the Coconut Balm Dot Com and live in fear of it going away. I use it on my lids, lips, cuticles and sometimes to shape my eyebrows. It smells like heaven.

The priming moisturizer shocked me by how effective it was from the very first time I used it. I mean I looked like I had just gotten a facial while receiving a banana bag filled with IV fluids and a full 12 hour nights sleep.

The perfecting skin tint is so sheer that it really just evens out my skin tone - this is what I would call barely coverage, but I like it because it actually looks like I have nothing on!  Although I will say that without the priming moisturizer this product falls a little flat, it definitely needs the added boost. This is made forgivable because it is in the cutest, most easily transportable packaging ever.

Lastly the soothing face mist, oh the mist. I used to think all rose and aloe mists were created equal but then I tried this one and I will never go back. I don't know what the magic is but this one manages to feel light and refreshing (like a mist) but still substantial. Like it's actually doing something besides giving me a nice fleeting whiff of something delicious (which it does also.)

But obviously the proof is in the pudding! Behold, my glossier skin!

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