Photos from Sincerely Jules 

A recent bout of insomnia got me obsessed with these sneakers on Sincerely Jules. I've never liked the super clean sneaker look (child of grunge right here) and I was like YASSS this is something I can get into, where can I find them? 

The answer is Barney's and.... $600?!? No freaking way. For shoes that are already destroyed? This must be how practical people feel about buying pre-ripped designer jeans. 

In a fit of pique I dive deep into the land of destroyed $600 sneakers: 

So then I'm like, whatever I'm a genius, this is so reminiscent of my childhood I know these sneakers have been cool before. So I spend 3 hours on eBay and etsy looking for vintage versions. I try every keyword combo I can think of: white leather 80s 90s sneaker, skate shoe tennis shoe ... Anything  that is remotely like I'm looking for. A few pristine shoes for $100+ but I'm like, NOT THE POINT. Reigning theory is that in the 80s and 90s when your shoes look like this you throw them away. Moral of the story, never throw anything away. 

Fine, I love a good challenge. Spent another two hours looking for the perfect new pair of sneakers to distress myself. Decided on the Adidas Neo Raleigh Mid Top Shoesbecause they were the closest match in shape, lack of logos, color etc. I figure two beach walks with Fenway should do the trick but just in case I got some shoe wax and my paint brushes. Stay  tuned for more details coming soon. And if you have any tips he internet is bone dry so hit me up!