In fact, with my weight fluctuating on an almost daily basis from my new fun hormone drugs, these are the only things in my closet I can consistently count on fitting! They are soft! They are stretchy! They are hot flash friendly!

The real trick is to find a thick soft fabric with some "structure", I know I know but in as much as cotton fabrics can do that. Cut is also very important as the right seam, neckline, hemline, or gathering is basically like the blur feature in aviator** when it comes to dressing.

With my weight fluctuating alarmingly in about a 20 pound range, I am eternally grateful that I conquered my fear of these light, comfy, very sexy closet staples.

Lastly, color is very important. Find the right one and it will make your skin glow and your eyes sparkle. I'm currently obsessed with this one from Bobi which they call magenta but I would call plum. I desperately want it in black also, and at under $60 that may be happening soon.

Bobi Scuba Dress in Magenta | Vintage Swedish Hasbeens (similar)| Moto Leather Jacket (Similar) | Clear Cat Eyes 

** These photos have not been edited or photoshopped or aviaried, although I did use the magnolia fileterfilter and had some REALLY good lighting