Oh, boobs. I have had a love/hate relationship with these things since before they gave me cancer. Yes they are "sexy" and I have at times reveled in that. Right now I freaking hate them. I'm taking this medicine (lupron) and they make my breasts so tender that at worst the pain can be excruciating and wake me up at night, and at best I am just constantly aware of them. Not just them, but this gigantic, golf-ball sized lump protruding from the high corner of my right breast. In workout clothes it appears like a floating, misplaced, slightly oversized erect nipple. With a layer of padding it disappears, but the aforementioned bra presses on it... causing a throbbing pain. Short of never leaving my house again, this leaves me with few options. Suck it up and put on a bra, or hide away in my room where nobody can see me.

With all the chemicals and their reactions in my body the last thing I feel is "sexy" but guess what? Forgoing a bra... Pretty damn sexy. And I am not ashamed to say that it made me feel better to feel thus. Plus, with the hot flashes, this outfit was probably one of the few things I've worn in the last few weeks that didn't make me feel a little wilted and sweaty after a few hours.

I'm not an insane person so I know calling this outfit practical is out, but for my very unique set of life circumstances it definitely gets the job done. And for those of you out there wondering how the logistics of this worked out... There was in fact some duct tape involved. I call it a #DIY stick on bra.
I'm pretty sure this style was created for much less endowed females but I guess I'm just trying to give new meaning to the term "hot flash"

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