I love chia for so many reasons - the gooey, tapioca like texture being top of the list. It also has very little flavor, making it the perfect vessel for other delicious flavors when you want texture. Of course, there's also the health benefits; loads of fiber, more omegas than a piece of salmon, protein. It's good for you, filling, delicious and the perfect base for making a healthier but still indulgent treat.

The other day I ran out of Almond milk but I had a terrible craving for chia pudding. Knowing that just water wouldn't have the flavor I needed, I started canning my pantry and my eyes came across this dark chocolate powder I got for another recipe...

A pinch of sweetness, some cocoa powder, water, chia seeds, swirl it all together and the result was this incredibly decadent treat that satisfyingly reminded me of chocolate mousse (but sooo much healthier!)


2 tbsp chia seeds

2 tbsp dark chocolate powder

3/4 cup water to taste 

Sweetener to taste (I used Low Glycemic Coconut Sugar)

Mix all the ingredients together in a small cup or bowl.
Place in the fridge overnight or until the pudding solidifies, stirring as needed.

ftr: Dizzy Double Old Fashioned Glasses by Crate & Barrel