Finding a great t-shirt is like finding a new friend. You will want to be with it everywhere and always. It will make you feel cooler, sharper, brighter. It will be comfortable but also have just enough edge to make things interesting.

Finding a great t-shirt is two fold. There is the cut/fabric/fit dilemma, which this shirt basically nails on it's pretty little head. The neckline is flatteringly deep but not smutty. The hemline at the bottom has this delightfully flattering swoop which is perfect for tucking or letting it lay effortlessly untucked.

The second part of the equation is what the t-shirt says.  The words should speak to you as a person, because that's what everyone else is going to see when you wear it. You are literally wearing a sign on your chest that says "..."

Obviously, being a born and raised San Francisco... I think enough said.

Get your own from my babes at Les Mechantes.

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