Ask me why I blog (about fashion, no less) and it's impossible for me to explain why. Trust me, I've tried to stop. I  just can't. I'm addicted to sharing clothes that I like. When people buy things I have I take it as the BEST compliment ever, because I love playing a small part in making the people around me feel beautiful. I track my links obsessively - not because I care about the 30 cents I get, but because I like putting things out into the world that other people find cool, interesting, compelling, desirable. The problem is, there's this idea of new, better, this season which is so hard for me sometimes. I want to be the person with the curated closet of treasured essentials but then I get sucked into this whole world of new, better, shinier and I feel terrible for letting my old favorites go forgotten. That's why I do clothing swaps, and trade in my clothes. But, as an experiment, what if I already have everything I need? What if I only shopped my own closet? Could I just wear clothing I already have? Even for special occasions? Would a few stitches, some scissors, the right accessories (again, most of which I already have?) be enough to keep this blog alive.

Welcome to my experiment, the "wear what you own project". From today until this time next month I will not be buying any clothes. I will only be featuring outfits assembled from things I already have. I'm going to be doing an aggressive closet spring cleaning, purging, organizing, tailoring, and hopefully getting creative.

Behold, my first outfit. I'll do my best to find similar pieces for you guys (if you're still in that closet building phase, which I respect because I didn't start from nothing here) and you can help me by reminding me that I already have everything I need, I concept I try to meditate on when I'm feeling anxious (and not just about what to wear.)

REBECCA MINKOFF BOWERY SATCHEL (my everyday purse and a solid CPW buy)
KAREN WALKER NUMBER ONE SUNGLASSES (again, total investment but wear them so much!)