Since I've started teacher training to be a BodyRok instructor, I've been spending a lot of time in workout clothes... Like, 2-3 outfit changes a day of workout clothes. Besides my laundry being a little OOC (thank goodness for Laundry Locker**) I also realized I really needed to set up my sartorial workout gear game.

I find a well fitting workout fit to be incredibly motivating. I like to see the changes in my body, not to mention focusing on perfecting my form.  I know a lot of people feel like you need to be fit to even try a hardcore workout, and that's definitely not what this is about. In fact one of the things I love so much about Bodyrok is the better I get at it, the harder it actually gets because I'm really drilling down on my form.  One way to do that is to wear clothes that allow you to actually see your body in the many mirrors provided. Am I engaging my core for support during the entire exercise? Are my shoulders pulled down away from my ears? Are my ribs down, chest open, neck long? Those tiny tweaks can make a huge difference in how fast you see the results you want.

But if I'm being honest, it's not just functional. It's just important for me to go into a class, or a gym, feeling confident about my body. It's been a long road getting back to the level of fitness I'm at now. When I take class I do A LOT of modifications and I'm definitely not throwing in that extra pushup. Coming from a place where I could barely lift my arms over my head or walk around the block without needing a nap, when I workout or teach class I really search out the gratitude that I feel about what my body can do now. Right now. Not what I hope it can do or look like in the future.

So with that long digression a few of my favorite pieces right now:

I want this KALE sweatshirt - because people think it's hilarious when I wear the KALE tank to workout or teach class.

My purple sweatshirt, because I get cold after a good workout, and because I live in SF where you always need a sweatshirt... might as well be a cute one right?? Loving lavender for spring? On my lust list: Nation LTD Raglan | Monrow Lavender Crew Neck Sweatshirt.

When I workout I mostly do it barefoot, but I like to step up my sneaker game while walking to and from class, which is where these Gold & Black Nikes come into play. I get sooo many compliments on them and they are so comfy.

And of course, I'm loving the classic black legging, I'm all about that high waist for a little extra tummy control.

**Also, if you want to try out Laundry Locker you can use my code CR61217 for 25% off your first order!

photos by the incredible Julia, from Tartans & Sequins