Today I got the chance to hang out with someone who I haven't seen IRL since I was about 27. Through the magic and wonder of the internet (and because she's an incredibly talented photographer) we have stayed in touch but I was nervous to see her. I wished upon every star in the afternoon sky.
My wish? That I could have the body and the skin I had in my twenties...
But with the fashion sense and budget for clothes I have in my thirties.And then I thought, "Nope. That's just nature's way of evening things out." In your twenties you don't need to worry about "what styles flatter your figure." Newsflash, all styles flatter your figure. You are bursting with juicy youthfulness. It is radiating from your (non-visible) pores, the luscious ripeness of youth. The way that everything evens out is that when you hit your thirties you learn the things that look good on you. You learn to appreciate the things that always looked good, but without all that peckish, false modesty and crippling self doubt that seems to go hand in hand with the gorgeousness of youth. Plus you have the money to spend on things like tailoring, decent skincare and good shoes. If I got to have all the things, all at the same time I would probably be a horrible person. What I learned from being forcibly bald is that you cannot focus on what you do not have. You must always try to seek out gratitude and from that something deeper and sweeter than all that glowiness of youth. I do not regret the sartorial choices I made in my twenties, horrific as they might be to me now. But I am grateful for all the things I have now, wisdom and drops of external beauty, that can really only come with the weathering of time. I have learned not only to be kind to others, but to be kind and gentle with myself - and from that flows something I would not trade for all the perky breasts and poreless skin of my twenties.

Forever 21 Trench Coat | Vintage Sweatshirt & Cutoffs  (similar sweatshirt, shorts) | Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars in Optic White | Everlane  Tote  | Rings (Blue, Green, White, Yellow, Pink