I could write a love letter to this dress. It would go something like this... Dear Dress, your so soft. Why are you so thin and soft? And yet so forgiving of my curvy body. You are like a magic dress woven of magic fabric that can somehow be all the things.
Your pattern is both crazy and neutral. Your length is demure and yet, somehow sexy as you skim my curves. I can wear you with sneakers, sandals, or heels. It will most likely be the first two, but you are cool enough to be OK with it. Have I mentioned how soft and thin you are while still being oh so flattering? Oh, I did? I'm going to say it again because it's worth repeating. Love, xoxoxo, Dena

Tie-Dye Ribbed Midi Dress | Forever 21 Trench Coat | Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars in Optic White | Black Leather Backpack with Gold Accents