Are not lost...

But sometimes, I feel very very lost. Dealing with a chronic illness is hard, it's confusing. I mean hell, dealing with normal life is hard and confusing. I could drown in the paperwork I have to deal with.
I could fill a small bus. Maybe a full sized bus.
And sometimes, all of that becomes so overwhelming. I feel lost. There are things that make this harder (chemo brain being at the top of the list, the sadists who must all be employed as form creators a close second) but there are also things that make it easier. Like the fact that I can just go outside and take a deep breath. Sit in the sun, read my book, meditate on nothing, play with pinterest. Sometimes wandering is the best way to find yourself.

Vintage Levi's Shorts | Striped Baja Hoodie (so soft and a total steal!) | socks (similar) |
Pendelton blanket |  Nixon Watch |