The cool girls over at Sole Serum sent me a pretty mint colored bottle of their magic potion to try out. Being 5'10 I've never quite developed the pain tolerance that one needs for high heels.       Could this be the solution I was looking for? Could I have found the answer to looking amazing in haute heels without limping around like a wounded giraffe? They cautioned me that the way to use it was to wait until pain developed - "like a headache, you wouldn't take Tylenol before you even get one." 
So I set out on my two week trials (it seemed like the minimum amount of time that I would need to truly feel confident in my verdict.) 

The first time I tried to experiment  was a failure, not because of the sole serum, because my heels did not hurt my feet! 

That night, super desperate to try out this cool new serum, I put on the most heinously uncomfortable shoes I own . Within 5 minutes my feet were aching. I took them off, gave myself a little foot massage and then when out. I would call this experiment a partial success-  while the serum definitely nipped the pain in the balls of my feet and my arches- it did nothing for my little giraffe walk from ankle instability or the way that my toes started to blister almost immediately. Said my friend, "There is a special place in hell for cheap shoes."

Undeterred by what was clearly my fault, and finally understanding that some things are beyond help- I spent the rest of the week wearing high heels on nights when I had to walk a lot, nights when I knew that I'd not only be walking that mile to the bars, but around to all the bars and then back home again...

And the sole serum totally worked. That point when my arches started aching? gone. That foot bed pain from standing on pointe for several hours? Bye.

 The only thing I would warn is that sole serum will not cure bad, ill fitting shoes. If the shoes hurt immediately, if they are too small for you, lined with barbed wire, etc. this miracle just is not gonna cut it. 

I also tried them after a particularly grueling workout and found it to be an absolute dream. I was able to slip into a pair of heels post spin class like I was a freaking pussycat doll. 

Verdict: If you have high heeled shoes that fit well until the natural physiological ruination of heels starts to cause pain- this is definitely for you.