I noticed that my fitness goals were in direct contrast with my skincare goals. Workout = breakout.  It was so frustrating - working out was supposed to make my skin (and everything else) better, not worse!

Then I read an interview with Karlie Kloss - who as far as I can tell is always working out - and she said the #1 thing she does for her skin is to make sure she washes her face thoroughly immediately before and after every workout. Ah ha! That was it. That was the missing link. While I was diligent about washing my face after my workouts, I wasn't doing it before.  Insert lightbulb.

So I started packing  these handy, soothing yummy smelling wipes in my purse. I diligently removed every trace of makeup before workouts, and then wiped my face down again afterwards.

It was hard - I am vain and walking around anywhere without make-up was a big step for me. Gym lights are not notoriously flattering. There are mirrors everywhere. However, nothing works like results. I realized when I was diligent my skin was clearer, and when I wasn't... well, same.