Can you believe I'm 31? Sometimes I feel about 16. Other times I feel like I am 65. I'm married. I have a fur baby. I have wrinkles and my body can no longer metabolize McDonalds. I am no longer cripplingly insecure all the time (just half the time) and I am wise enough to know just how little I know. 

I feel like all of that manifests itself in my clothing. I like things I can throw on, that also make me look less like a teeny bopper and more like a grown up. To that end, my obsession with Everlane only continues to grow. The pieces are easy, timeless and just the right amount of "I'm not trying that hard, but I tried a little". They look, for lack of a better word to describe a sleeveless sweatshirt and slip on shoes, polished. 
Photo Credit: Julia from Tartan & Sequins 
Everlane Sweatshirt & Loafers | Zara Jeans & Bucket Bag  | UO Jacket  | Rayban Aviators