Under $5

Nivea Lip Butter ($3) | This vanilla and macadamia whipped balm is rich and delicious - without being sticky. It leaves your lips smooth, dry and smelling amazing. 
Cake Compact ($4) | Touch ups on the go have never been sweeter with this simple, cake covered mirror
Yes to Grapefruit Brightening Wipes ($4) | Refreshing without over-drying, these delicious smelling wipes are my go-to to prevent breakouts and feel fresh after workouts! 

Under $15

Marvis Whitening Mint ($13) | This toothpaste is so creamy and delicious it's a wonder it doesn't say "do not eat" in big letters on it. They set out to make a delicious and luxurious toothpaste and boy did they suceed. 
Yes to Blueberry Oil ($15) |  If you haven't read my glowing review (pun intended) of this dreamy oil, let's just say that it packs a hydrating punch, a luscious smell and my skin looks amazing. 
Lumene Vitamin C+ Dry Skin Comfort Radiance Cocktail ($14) | This super light serum looks like a lava lamp, smells like a fresh picked orange and slides onto skin like a dream. It also helps super dry, tight skin without causing that stinging feeling that ultra dry skin is plagued with. 

Under $50

No Blush Blush  ($35) and No Bronzer Bronzer ($35) | Both provide a sheer wash of color while also working below the surface to improve  the color and radiance of youthful cheeks. addressing compromised architecture of cheekbones with the deep penetrating DMAE. I also use them as a lip tint, and they provide the perfect natural color! 

If you consume lots of media you may have seen this obscure little product pop up all over the place.  (For example, in Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Teen Vogue List of their  beauty must-haves...) Do a little more research and you'll discover that there is an obsessive cult of women who subscribe to this product and say things like "a miracle in a bottle" (Vogue) or "It leaves my skin glowing" (Emily Weiss, Into the Gloss to Elle Magazine) No matter what your concern (acne, aging, pores, dullness) this little wonder seems to have fans lauding it's curative effects...