The holiday season is crazy - so many parties. It seems like between Thanksgiving and NYE I get to see a lot of my favorite people but quality time is few and far between. Don't get me wrong, I love getting dressed up and tipsy and dancing and sparkles. All of those are good things in my book! I just feel like there's a lot of "Hi, OMG I you look amazing. Love that dress! Kiss kiss. NEXT." 

Even for an extrovert like me, it can be a lot. Which is why this year I decided to grab a group of my favorite party gals for a small Secret Santa. I can't wait till the day I can get all my favorite people presents, but until I win the lottery, it was so fun to focus on just one of my awesome friends and bring them something amazing.

We decided on Brunch because that was the least likely time to have a conflict during the busy bustling season. We found a cool spot - the Palm House - and made a reservation. They hooked us up with a very cool, semi-secluded booth with cushions. Then we used this awesome Secret Santa Generator to do all the matching up. It even has a feature where you can make a wish list!  

With very little planning  effort we were able to squeeze in some quality time together during this nutty holiday season, and I was so grateful for the chance to have a chill, low key holiday celebration. I even wore my husbands (gigantic) dwarf sweater!