Fun fact about me, I am 5'10. A lot of people who only see pictures of me don't realize this. In part this is because I'm "well proportioned", in part I'm sure it's because I'm frequently next to my giant of a husband or my stunning friends Z & S who are both 5'10ish as well. Whatever the reason, I pride myself on dressing to flatter my figure, irregular as it might be. 

I am by no means a waif - I weigh somewhere around 155 pounds. In dresses I wear a Large, 10-12 depending on the cut (obviously the bustline is a concern for me, as is length.) It's tricky to be broad shouldered, busty and to have a flat-sh stomach. Don't roll your eyes at me, it is! Finding clothes that fit is a challenge. One I pride myself on dominating.

Which is why I'm obsessed with Old Navy Tall. Take this shirt. It's a small. It fits perfectly, not too loose in the shoulders or boxy around the midline, but still falling at the perfect length. It hugs my curves without being obscene, without gapping at the buttons. It is, for lack of a better word, everything.

When you fall on one end of the spectrum or another (tall, petite) it can be tricky to find clothes that fit. Let's support brands that make clothes for everyone! 

Zara Moto Jacket (old)
Old Navy Flannel Shirt 30% off right now with code ONSAVENOW