I had nothing to wear last night. I was not in the mood for something new. So I pulled on an old favorite (H&M, circa 4 years ago) racerback, bodycon dress with navy blue and black panels. Hits right below the knee on me, which I love and which at my height is hard to find.

Then came the fun part. How to spice up a dress I have worn 5-6 times but then nobody has ever said "that dress again?" to me about, because every time I find  a few things to make it different.

This time I went for things I have on hand for such "fashion emergencies"
These two necklaces (one from h&M about 5 years ago, the other from Forever21 this year but can't find it anymore) and then the essential fancy-maker, works one every skin tone, perfectly matte and long lasting Nars Dragon Girl (you may recognize it from this post, this post, or this post - I swear, it's versatile....)

If you need a little something extra to bump up your outfit, that's easy and unexpected try this trick:
Layer on 2-3  necklaces made from similar stones to create a super statement necklace. Add the first necklace one as is (bonus points if it hits at the neckline of your outfit.) Then, use a shorter necklace to extend the length of the second necklace, by clasping the hooks from each necklace onto the clasps on the other necklace.  Try to find a necklace which will drop the second necklace below the bottom of the top necklace. The result is a cool, dramatic look that is fresh, eye catching and doesn't require an emergency shopping trip.