In a recent post I talked about learning to dress for my body. One of the challenges has always been finding things that "flatter my curves". I want to look feminine, I want interesting/beautiful clothes, but my body is not a coat hanger. I will "distort the line" and the fabric will need to yield to me. 

I went to a stunning, incredibly fun wedding this weekend. Some of my favorite people in the whole world were there, and the bride is basically the most gorgeous genius in the world. My friends are all incredibly beautiful, and all fit, and all have great personal style. I was feeling a lot of pressure (self-imposed) to bring my sartorial A-game. 

And I felt like this dress delivered. It's not too crazy or look at me. The cutouts are sexy but the overall fit and high neck is demure. The breasts are covered, but not suppressed. The cut hints at my curves but I don't look like a kardashian in a Herve leger (although I wish I did?!? Just not for this event...) And, best of all for me, without any premeditation all my friends were wearing variations on a black lace dress. I felt like we were in a girl band- aka my lifelong dream. Can we always dress in themes?! 

I will say, like the total need I am, when I went up to hug the bride, she looked at me and said "oh, I really like your dress." I basically had to suppress the urge to whoop and fist pump. (Her style, as evidenced yet again by her amazing wedding, was absolute perfection, and is always on point.)  

So if you have a party and you're at a loss for what to wear, I strongly support this dress and you guys might be seeing a lot more of it this holiday party season!