Blueberry Oil aka Winter Skin Essential

My skin hates cold weather. I may love it, and all the snuggly clothes that come with it, but my skin starts gasping for moisture like a traveler lost in the desert. It gets tight and then it stings when I try to moisturize it. Then it breaks out because it can't exfoliate all those dry layers and then it's like this vicious cycle of dry skin and acne in this awful feedback loop shame spiral.

Not this year though.

My friend Ally, who (full disclosure) just started working at Yes to Carrots, knows all about my skincare woes. She brought me a gift. The gift of baby soft, moisturized but not greasy, yummy smelling, all natural, blueberry face and neck oil.

At only $13 this potent little wonder is absolute pleasure. It smells delicious, like warm blueberries on pancakes. It glides onto my skin with all the quenching thickness of an oil, but when I massage it into my skin for a few seconds it leaves behind a dewy glow that is anything but greasy. I've taken to putting it on in the morning and leaving the house with nothing else because my skin likes it that much.

When I apply my beloved No Foundation Foundation Serum on top, it glides on like I've primed my face with one of those heavy primers that always makes me break out (I've been using this oil for about 2 weeks now and so far, knock on wood, nothing!) Did I mention it was $13?? What are you waiting for???