I hate winter. Not only does my skin turn sickly pale from a lack of vitamin D, but I also shrivel up and dry out like a prune. Rather then help my persistent, adult acne, this only makes it worse as the dry skin clutters and clogs my pores.

I need a light, effective moisturizer. Something that won't make me feel like an apricot slathered in bacon grease.

Enter this article in Refinery 29, where they talk about the best scandinavian beauty products. "It's really brutally cold up there isn't it?" I thought. "The people who brought us Ricola probably know a thing or two about dealing with brutal winter weather."

I began to browse the slideshow, hoping for something good that wouldn't eat up my food budget for the week, which is when I came across this product, Lumene Arctic Aqua Moisture Booster packed with the infamous Arctic super berries that you usually find in much pricier  products like SK-II.  For $10 I was definitely willing to put my face on the line and test it out. I ordered it and it came two days later (always a fear when prime shipping is an option.)

I have to admit my expectations were very low. You get what you pay for, and with a sub $10 price tag (including shipping) I wasn't paying very much.

Lo and behold, a cold front snapped down onto the Cali coast and it was time to put my new serum to the test. I started at night, massaging a thin layer between my prescription retinol and my night moisturizer. The next morning I woke up without the usual tightness my beloved open window brings when the temp drops. My skin looked plump and felt baby soft, not even a little greasy. Since my skin has taken to it so well, I've started using it morning and night. Every time I put it on I swear I hear my skin give a little sigh of pleasure. I'm definitely stocking up now for the winter!