The Denim shirt has become a timeless, all-season classic. In the summer, throw it over your bathing suit for a tomboy cool bathing suit cover-up that kind of hints at bardot on the riviera. In the fall, skinny jeans and booties look totally chic when paired with a crisp, denim topper. 

Finding the perfect denim shirt is akin to finding the perfect pair of cut off shorts, or the perfect black leather jacket - there are so many factors to consider and it's impossible to find one item of clothing that meets all of your needs. And that's why someone invented walk-in closets.... But I digress. 

We are talking about denim shirts here. I have 4 of them in my closet, and each one is awesome in it's own right but none of them truly fulfills every single one of my denim shirt desires. Today I want to talk about the Everlane Denim Shirt.

  1. Wash: This denim shirt is an almost aqua blue, which is awesome because it's just blue enough  that it can be worn with black and not clash. Yes, I still believe things can clash. It's a true denim, a vintagey denim, the kind of color you can imagine being worn by Bridget Bardot or a Hepburn in a black and white photo on a yacht somewhere.  When the cuffs are turned they are a flattering shade lighter, but nothing so jarring that all anyone can look at is your upper arm. 
  2. Feel: Unlike some other denim colored shirts I own, this shirt is a true denim. It has the structure you want from denim, gliding architecturally over curves. But unlike some denim shirts, it still manages to retain an alluring softness. A worn in texture, akin to what your favorite pair of jeans fills like in that golden few months when they fit you like second skin, but before you wear some kind of hole in them. 
  3. Embellishments: Neurotic people like me care about these sort of things. My second favorite denim shirt, which I got vintage, has these epaulets and the buttons are just too white. Plus the double pockets are too small, and high on the chest. The Everlane denim shirt has these gorgeous, clean seams plus one giant, perfectly sized pocket that is incredibly flattering. The buttons are pearl, but somehow appear more subtle and perfectly suited for the wash of the shirt. The finish on the seams, and the wide cuff on the pocket, come off as very timeless, like this shirt will be stolen by my daughter someday. 
  4. Cut: The cut on this is very boxy. The sleeves are a smidge wider than I would like, and I don't love how they are gathered at the wrist (fortunately for me, I prefer the cuffed look, but if you don't consider this fair warning.) The length and the curve of the bottom hem are pretty perfect for wearing untucked, but for a tall girl like me this shirt is also just a little too short to tuck in. However, worn cuffed and untucked, I find the boxy cut is exactly on the line of the tomboy sexy I aspire to be, hinting at my curves but looking like I could have possibly just rolled out of bed this way. 
  5. Price: At $55 dollars this shirt comes in somewhere between Banana Republic and Gap on the price spectrum, but it feels like a deal because on the quality spectrum it's more in line with a Rag & Bone or Paige Premium Denim. 
  6. Overall:  I highly recommend, and if you are reading this Everlane, and you want to make a "tall" cut I will buy a second one to tuck in.