My husband hates these shoes - which is how I know they are unbearably chic. The cut of the loafer is so classic that it manages to evoke decades of style (from girls in English boarding school to the witchy goths of the mid-90s) and yet at the same time it's so impossibly modern. 

But of course, you want to know - are they comfortable? When I first put them on they were a bit snug, but being real leather, after 5 minutes of wearing them around the house they fit like they were custom made. I keep finding little details about them I love (the way they look when the toe bends, the little white detail on the heel, how gorgeous they look with a little scuff and patina...etc etc.) 

Yes, I know, there is a waitlist now. But I would say these are worth the wait! 

 Everlane  Loafers & Tote | Topshop Leigh Skinnies  |  Zara Poncho (old) |  American Apparel Sweater