There are things in fashion that come along and make you go "what!?!?" Or my personal favorite "who could wear that?! Models... Only models." But every once in awhile, typically when I've been spending too much time on Pinterest, I decide to try some bolder sartorial choices. Things that are a little scary, a little (or a lot) out of my comfort zone. Sometimes these choices fail (see: all of highschool) but other times taking a risk helps me zero in on a fresh new look, one that is much more flattering than I thought possible. M

Such is my relationship with the croptop. My stomach (like most women) is far and away my least favorite body part. Put me in a balloon filled with sparkles and skinny jeans peaking out and I'm a happy girl. But I kept seeing these chic women, of all sizes, looking absolutely scrumptious with a few strategic inches showing through. So I got my 156 pound self a a crop top. And I love it. Paired with high waisted jeans you only see a small sliver of tummy- but it works. 

Same with round glasses- I grabbed a pair off the rack at forevs and before I could put them back in fear, threw them on my face. "They look very Chanel" said my friend Z*, and so I was sold. 

The moral of the story is I be brave! Take chances and have fun with your fashion. Now about that sparkly balloon top... 

F21 Round Sunglasses | Crop Top (found in a local boutique but try something like this embroidered halter crop top or this short sleeved red lace crop top) | High Waisted Jeans, Nastygal (old)