Every once in awhile a line comes along that's so delicate and chic and sparkly and perfect that you want each and every piece (preferably layered on top of each other while you waft down a street wearing a casual tank and cutoffs.) Such is the way I feel about Sachi Jewelry. Sachi, which means “happiness” in Japanese and “luxury” in Korean, is a perfectly designed line of accessories featuring delicate, bedazzled geometric shapes, perfectly tiny stackable rings and the most delicately subtle ear cuffs. 

Gawd, how perfect does Jamie Chung look in the Triangle Eternity Necklace,
 layered with the Multi Triangle Drop Necklace??  

(Dear Santa, Xmas is like 2 months away right?? There is something so perfectly decadent and wearable about their delicately blinged out pieces. Asking me to pick a favorite is like asking me to pick a favorite child (I have none, but I want lots.) 

I am positively crazed in my obsession with the snake ear crawlers, snake ring and the rose gold micro cuff and the utterly perfect single row ear cuff (I WANT EVERY COLOR)  
Sachi Snake Ring 

Sachi Snake Ear Crawlers
Sachi Rose Gold Micro Cuff

Sachi Single Row Ear Cuff in Yellow Gold, Blackened

Sachi Single Row Ear Cuff in White Gold