I once read an article in which Sofia Vergara talked about her preference for one piece bathing suits. She described a vacation, in which she wore a one piece and all her friends wore bikinis. At the end of the vacation all of them were asking where to find them.

Sofia Vergara has a figure to rival anyone on earth. She would look good in a paper bag. But the way she described it, just '"holding everything in" really stuck with me. I mean, I'm getting married, I don't need everyone on earth to see my belly button anymore. But I do want to look good by the pool - such is the nature of humans. And so, my love affair with the one piece has grown. 

There is something chic about leaving a little something to the imagination. Still sexy, but also a little bit vintage, a little throw back. 

Now I think one pieces can be harder to pull off than bikinis. All that skin can be so luscious and distracting. Plus there's the support. Fortunately, as one pieces have come back in style there's an ever increasing range of padded, supportive, interesting one pieces. Like this one from Victorias secret with a super flattering lace-up back, and a peek-a-boo detail that makes it anything but boring.  Plus, the built in cups make it comfortable and flattering for those of us with a little more than the average maillot can contain.