My HF (soon to be HH, handsome HUSBAND) has a dope job. He's trying to bring mobile technology to the hospitality industry. And recently that meant I got to be his plus one on an intimate tour of the best that New York luxury hoteliers have to offer.

Listen, I had a camping bachelorette. I am not "fancy" in anyways except in my dreams and in my choice in skincare products. That said if you ever have a special occasion, a corporate credit card or a fairy godmother... GO HERE.

The Gansevort Park Avenue NYC

There's a pool on the roof with a view of the empire state building. Seriously. We saw Taye Diggs and his sun frolicking next to the pool, underneath a living wall of emerald green ivy so perfect it must be lovingly spritzed with saffron scented air daily. 

Yup, that's Taye Diggs

Rooftop Brunch across the Street from the Gansevort

Neuehouse Private Workspace Collective

As an internet person I find myself strongly inspired not just by the substance of content but by it's presentation. Simply put, design inspires me. The Neuehouse collective is far and away the most gorgeous place I have ever worked. The high ceilings, chic decor, thoughtful seating groupings, flattering light and gourmet food selection optimized my performance output exponentially. 

LUNCH, mmmmm

This glam, modern destination had every detail catered to in luxurious, sparkly efficiency. From the booze-filled cupcakes served at the high tea on their exceptional roof deck, to the stunning glass desk - the whole stay felt decadent. 

Prohibition cupcakes aka cupcakes with Booze