As you know, I am OBSESSED with the Everlane trench (read more in my Love Letter to the Everlane Trench) and also my super chic new haircut. Yup, I finally did it. I chopped off that raggedy mullet I've been clinging to for fear of losing even the tiniest millimeter of length. I let my hairdresser/mother just snip snip away as if I was any other girl and not some traumatized survivor of a hair armageddon. 

I'm not sure I have loved a haircut this much since before I lost my hair. Not because of any chapter closing, symbolic, "now I'm normal" hippy dippy release. It looks good. It looks as close to Beyonce as I am ever gonna get. It's a haircut I would choose to get just because I like it. 

Boy did I take my old hair for granted.  I wanted it to be thicker, blonder, straighter. You name it, I wanted it. Looking back I feel like a fool.

It is amazing how you can be so blessed, and not even realize it. Sometimes, things come along and they just rip all of that away and then yes, then, you wish you had it. And you swear up and down that you will be grateful if only you can get back to that.

Well I'm back to that. I still struggle with some things (and don't we all?) but I have all the things I dreamed about two very long years ago. Great haircut, check. Fashion blog, check. Wedding ring and amazing loving husband, check and check.  But every day that things come so easy, I feel my gratitude waver. Not a lot. But it isn't coming on as fast and hard as it used to when I was humbled. 

I want it back. So,  I'm asking you for a favor. What are you grateful for, right this second? I am grateful for my good, good friends. They  came over and kept me company while I was down and out from my last treatment AND helped me clean out my closet AND brought over awesome clothes to swap. This dress? Yup, it's a loving second hand present. Made double awesome by the memory of a really fun afternoon with my girl gang. Z & S & S I am grateful for you. What, or who are you grateful for? Share a little with me in the comments below!