I want to start this post with something poetic and fashiony, like how a dark floral is lush and more professional than your traditional pastel iteration. But the reality is this jacket is quilted and this was the closest I could get to feeling like I was still in bed while being dressed for work. Hashtag red eye.

Anyways, this is not about the outfit, it's about the bag. Which is perfect. It pulls the whole outfit together. It matches the shoes. It could fit a whole bunch of useful things in it although full disclosure, right now it just has a gluten free donut in it.

The bucket bag is here my friends... And it is awesome.

Zara Bucket Bag | Zara Floral Bomber (similar) | Banana Republic Cowl Neck Blouse | Topshop Leigh Jeans | Sam Edelman Trina Sandal 

Here's some more bucket bag for your viewing pleasure: