Forgive me, I have been the worst blogger ever. Derelict in my duties, absentee from Pinterest, basically crawled under that rock they call "wedding planning" and "brand new job" and haven't come out again. This post is WAY overdue. Because, dear readers, I am in love. With a jacket. The jacket. A jacket I have searched my whole life for. The one jacket that will render all other jackets obsolete. 

What is so special about this jacket? Well, everything but I think you want a bit more from me. So where to start? The perfect, olive tone, which makes my skin glow and is the perfect combination of my beloved, SF-staple army jacket and my equally beloved khaki trench coat. The perfect little matte buttons. The silky softness of the sleeve linings, which must be real silk, and which feel like heaven. The whimsical "swing" that gives this trench it's name, and makes it flattering to wear with dresses and jeans. It's already sold out once people - what are you waiting for?!

Everlane Swing Trench | Leopard Shift Dress (only $45!) | Seven Jeans (old)