There is a whole mythology about short hair versus long hair. Some of it is true (yes, I do wash my hair once a week and it is AWESOME) but much of the data I found in the short v. Long debate did not play out in my experience.

First let me start by saying that short hair is not easier than long hair. Maybe a few people blessed with perfect texture and thickness, who's hair air dries into a glossy cap of whatever, perpetuated this falsity. For most people (me) this isn't true. My short hair needs to be STYLED.

But a seldom known truth about short hair is that it has just as much potential for all kind of looks. 

Now, I hear you saying - but Dena, you can't even throw it up in a ponytail? No I can't "throw" it up... But I couldn't do that when it was long either- my cowlicks and thinner spots and weirdly lopsided hair density made that impossible. 

Having spent the last two years growing out my hair from bald to pixie to the lob, and having long wavy locks before that, I feel qualified to talk about the whole spectrum of hair lengths.

I would argue that after a certain point (somewhere around your ears)  the time spent to achieve desired results is equal between short and long hair. Furthermore, I would suggest that the number of looks you can create for both short and long hair are equally versatile, and can span every genre, fashion palette and scenario. 

Behold the empirical evidence:

 (work details | rock n roll details

These photos were taken on the same day. For the work look I smoothed the hair down with a clear gloss and a straightening iron. For the night look I took a small barrel curling iron and followed this tutorial from The Beauty Department. If that's not versatile hair, I don't know what is! But I do know that straightening or curling my long hair never had the same kind of dramatic impact on the feel of my look.
Cute, but same-same, right? 
 There are some that argue long-hair defies genre, typecast or stereotype. To those people I say POO-POO.

Want to be short and preppy?

The Short Preppy Bob 

Blow dry all around the head with a round, bristle brush, spending a few extra seconds holding the barrel of the brush like a giant curling iron to trap the flip under. Blow cool air after the hot air to set the style. 

The Flattened Lob

See above - then, take a flat iron and press out the ends until they lose most of the curl under. 

The Flippy Preppy Bob 

Just take the above style and randomly curl the tips in opposite directions to create body and movement. (Outfit details here

What about those casual/active/throw-up and go days? 

The Smooth Half Up

Like the ponytails cuter little sister but just as easy. Smooth back hair with a brush, apply hair fastener (I like those little silicone ones) and go. 

The Side French Braid 

Works for both "I don't want to deal with my hair" days and also "I am a boho princess day"

Feeling a little more hipster? Don't worry, there's a style for that. It's called the deep side part and no matter what texture your hair is, the 90s homage is totes hip.

The Ali Larter/Breakfast Club

Just take a comb and make a deep side part, bonus if you go past the arch of your eyebrow. Extra bonus points if you use a curling iron horizontally to create opposing end flips for even more texture. 

See? Look how much work you can do on short hair, some of these styles take FOREVER... But in defense of shorter hair, look how many great styles you can create, that work with a whole bunch of different looks! 

What about the other burning questions -

Do guys like long hair better than short hair? Guys like girls who understand that the length of their hair wont make them like them. Guys like girls who like the way they look, no matter what that look is. This question drives me nuts. 

Does short hair save you time getting ready in the morning? I have no idea, I can play for hours with my hair. But I will say, with short hair if it's good when you wake-up absolutely - if it needs work it can take even longer trying to repair it.