The combination of wedding stress and hormones has caused a breakout cycle of epic proportions to erupt all over my face.

Rather than accept this horrific turn of events, I decided to seek out and try some all-natural beauty treatments because I also have to pay for the aforementioned wedding and I already had the ingredients lying around the house. 

Behold, the results:

The Beauty Departments Aspirin Acne Mask 

Does it work? The acne didn't miraculously disappear overnight but of everything I tried, this one really did relieve the painful pressure of cystic acne. I found it to be a huge relief. 

Cons? It's messy and very drying. After using it for a few days my chin was peeling like crazy.

Should I try it? Use sparingly. For the occasional blemish (like that hormonal one I get once a month) I would definitely use it but not for multiple days or over a large area. 

Elle Magazine's Manuka Honey Mask 

Does it work? I didn't really feel a difference in the size of the outbreaks, but maybe I need a more bio-active honey for topical use. Also, of all the treatments, this one felt the nicest. It smelled amazing and was very soothing. 

Cons? It's sticky, Not sure it actually did anything for the acne. 

Should I try it? For the soothing and yummy smelling nature of it, I would definitely use it again. This may become part of my regular, weekly routine.