The Side French Braid:

Perfect for those little hairs that aren't long enough to stay back in the ponytail, quite yet. 
This messy "inside out" french braid keeps them in check. 

The 4 Days without Washing Tease:

Pretty sure the name says it all. Don't wash your hair for 3-4 days then tease the heck out of it, while spraying liberally with clear, dry shampoo (this Alterna Bamboo Translucent Dry Shampoo $15) 

Deep Side Part aka Ally Sheedy Breakfast Club Post Make-Over:

Make a deep side part, ideally lined up with the arch of your eyebrow (this is flattering! it draws attention to your eyes) then run a flat iron over your hair till it's super flat. Give a little tease under the longer side of the part for some volume and voila!