I love Cobb salad but packed with bacon, blue cheese, ranch dressing on a essentially, nutrient-free slice of iceberg lettuce? Well, it might as well be a pizza for all the health benefits, not to mention the calories. It's so yummy! But, woof.., 

So I figured - OK, I can do better. Crispy, vitamin-packed spinach, creamy (but low-cal) blue cheese yogurt dressing, sweet/crunchy red onions and the classic egg. 

And voila! This creamy, dreamy salad has less than 200 calories, 2g of fiber and a million grams of luscious taste. 

2 cups of spinach 
1/4 cup red onions, diced 
1 hard boiled egg 
2 tbsps blue-cheese yogurt dressing 

Mix together ingredients, serve and enjoy!