Wednesday I dragged 3 friends to the Lyon street stairs for a little "networking-out" aka BOOTYCAMP. Can I just say my tush is so sore it's not even funny? That's because working out, with your friends, is so motivating! I pushed myself so much harder than if I were alone. Plus, those stairs are a brutal cardio interval between sets of lunges! Our only feedback is "next time we bring a jambox" - duh, why didn't I think of that?

So what do you need to make your own outdoor bootycamp?


I saw this article in Refinery 29 about outdoor workouts and we used this (plus the stairs and some other cardio intervals) as the foundation for our workouts. Check out my Pinterest Board for more ideas! 


A thick durable mat - like this amazing thick durable, easily washable one from Lululemon | A medicine ball, kettlebell or other portable weighted object | MUSIC | lots of water in a cute water bottle like these' BKRs | a great sports bra and bright sneakers (because they make working out more fun, trust me) | Good sport sunscreen (that wont sweat off)