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With only 85 days left to the wedding it's time for some targeted toning - I'm focusing on the problem areas I know will be getting a lot of attention because of the cut of my dress.

While I've always had pretty skinny arms, I do get what I have affectionately dubbed "quadruple boobage" - when the little bit of fat near your armpit spills out in tank tops or strapless. Like muffin top but in your armpits. Gross descriptors I know.

Now, I have been told over and over again that there's not much you can do about this but I strongly disagree.

I've found that a rigorous routine done 2-3 times a week that focuses on chest, shoulders, and back does have a noticeable tightening effect in that whole general area, including the armpit.

I do these exercises in supersets - meaning I'll do the three grouped together and repeat each "set" three times before moving onto the next one. I aim for 15 of each exercise in each set.**

This is helpful both for when the gym is crowded (they are grouped pretty nicely to carve out a little spot for yourself) and also to fatigue the big muscles, moving to the smaller muscles at the end.

**When picking a weight you want something that will feel EXTREMELY challenging for the last three reps, but still allow you to complete them with proper form. If it's not hard, the weighs are too light. If you can't do 15 with proper form, drop down to lighter weights until you build the strength.

SUPERSET 1: Bench or Ball 

try for 10 - 15 pound dumbells! 

Chest PressKneeling RowPush-Ups 

SUPERSET 2: Machine Work 

aim for 20-40 for the first two and 5-10 for the last 

Chest Fly (I prefer to do this with one arm at a time, to really focus on form)

SUPERSET 3: Standing Room (heavy weights)

aim for 5 - 10 pounds weights in each hand (10-15 if you are using a kettlebell)

SUPERSET 4: Standing Room (light weights)

aim for 3 - 5 pounds weights in each hand