I'm pretty sure this picture says everything you need to know but just in case it doesn't:

In March 2013 I had been off the hair destroying kind of chemo for about 3 months. I was on the eyebrow/eyelash fall out kind of chemo, so in that picture those eyebrows are drawn on and those lashes are stuck on

In May of 2014 I have a ridiculous amount of hair (it grew back in SO MUCH THICKER - is this happening to everyone? I feel like it is? Let me know if this happened to you?) My eyebrows are back (although I still fill them in because I heart thick brows) and my lashes are insane (although I am wearing a slice of falsies on the outside corners, I just cut these in quarters ) 

All I have done is take 2,000 mg of Biotin and use Rogaine twice a day (ask your doctor first!) and also hugged a puppy whenever possible (new theory I am testing.)

Some days I miss my pixie and how easy it was just a little but this last year has gone by SO FAST. xoxxoxoxoxoxo and healing vibes to those of you out there who read this blog and are going through this.