Let's be honest here, one kind of cancer is just more than enough. Boo up skin cancer. Just boo.

But I love being bronzed. I believe the term tanorexic was coined just for me. 

So you may have noticed me magically getting more golden brown over the last week, know that it is magic, not tanning, and that it comes right from a bottle. 

But what bottle? I totally get that fake tanning can be scary.  What if I'm orange? What if I have streaks? The truth is there is no reason to fear! nothing you can do with fake tanner can't be undone. 

I use a pumice stone to "erase" mistakes on my less delicate skin. Lemon juice works on finer skin (but not as well on tough skin likes hands/feet) and I'm sure these professonal products sephora sells work but I've never tried them. 

Also, having done endless tests on tanner with my mom (who has perfect poreless skin) and myself (combination skin like whoa) I can say that the consistency of formula is key. 

My mom loves the tanning towelettes but I find they can be more streaky on me because they are clear and because I don't move fast enough with them. I love creams and mousses because I have time to rub them in and can see what I'm doing, but my mom hates how long they take to dry. 

Also both of us are super sensitive to smells so all of these have little to none of that funky DHA smell. 

It needs to be said, while the product companies like to go by fair, medium, dark skin, I've found I can use any of them, at any time, even when I'm at my palest. Like foundation, what matters to me is that I have a lot of yellow/olive in my skin so while I never turn orange, the risk is there. 

 If you don't know what your skin tone is, go to Sephora and get some samples and test them someplace you can hide them overnight like your belly. That way you can find a brand that will turn you the bronzed shade of your choosing! Because as I've always said, there are few challenges in life that can't be eased with a VIB Rouge membership!