Having cancer has really changed some things for me - for example, I no longer feel any shame at all putting my plus size body in a bikini and taking pictures (thank you Bar Method) That said, I've learned that sometimes covering a little something up, in a strategic, flattering way, is often sexier than just letting it all hang out. (Pretty sure all men disagree, but whatever, who was it that said if women dressed for men, we'd all walk around naked? #truth) Anyways, I've decided that it was time to explore my one piece options and so I took the plunge on this embroidered thing. I was scared. Would the cutouts cover or make worse my little tummy? Apparently, they do an excellent job camouflaging, while giving the lovely illusion of the waist. The embroidered jacket is thin and silk, I've been trying to figure out how to wear it since it's pretty much never warm enough for it in SF... and then lightening struck. Obviously, if you wanted to make this sophisticated some aviators would look perf, but I wanted to be a sulky gypset fairy princess so I went with my heart shades.