Weekends are a great time to do things that feel good, and/or are good for you. But I'm lazy. So here's my suggestions for fitness, life, cleaning and other "good" activities for this weekend that are fast, easy and, well, fun.  Do these 4 things and I swear Monday morning you will feel like the most productive, gold star and cookie deserving bad A in town.


Treat yourself to a fun exercise class... There's something super fun (and motivating) about being a sweaty, shaky mess in room full of other people. If there's a Bar Method near you I highly recommend if for no other reason than learning what "back dancing" is... HINT: It's the most fun booty lifting exercise of all time AND you get to do it lying down.

And if you don't live near any studios, good news! You can do Bar Method Online now! As if I needed a better reason not to leave my house ever.

Say Yes 

Then, because you were so good, and exercised and everything... take a NAP


Spring clean and PURGE your closet (bonus points if you sell the discards or organize a swap party with friends..) 

My trade-ins, I got these plus two other blouses AND some cash!! 

Then upgrade your hangars! I swear this swap out was like waving a magic wand and doubling the size of my closet... 

Get the hangars