People always ask me how I stay so positive. The answer is that my life is awesome. Sure, there have been some serious potholes on this crazy road we call life. Do I wish I never had cancer? Duh. Obviously. But the crystalline ability to appreciate the blessings that come my way every single day is something I can't imagine living without.

So, it was with this "suck up as much joy as possible" attitude that I dragged the HF to napa for a speaking engagement. Because our call time was 8am we were given a hotel room at the amazing Carneros Inn in Napa for the night before, and we decided to take full advantage of our single day road trip to the local slice of paradise. Our room had a private backyard (with a heat lamp!) the food was amazing, and well, Steve basically had to physically drag me out of the hilltop pool overlooking gently rolling hills and valleys.

But I think in this case, a few pictures are worth thousands of words. #gratitude