I am lazy. I just am, don't question me on that. When I'm home alone I find it very hard to do a lot more than is absolutely necessary to provide for myself. That makes breakfast and lunch (the two meals I eat at home, alone almost everyday) the biggest challenges towards my fitness, health and weight loss goals. Also, I want healthy, real ingredients, lots of protein and I don't want to feel deprived. Lazy and greedy. I want it all.

Fortunately, with a little planning, a good grocery list and some light portion control, all of this can be possible! Here's my current menu, with prep time and calories. Easy, peesy.

p.s. lazy as I am, I have found that taking the time to "plate" my food makes a big difference in the "not feeling deprived" department... therefore, prep time includes food arranging.

Gluten Free "Parfait"
prep time: 2 minutes depending on chopping speed
ingredients: greek yogurt, fruit, nuts**
calories: about 350 depending on brand
lots of protein: check
fruit and veg: check

Shout out to the blueberry almonds from Naturebox, the monthly healthy snack delivery service. They have all the crunch and sweetness of granola but about a jillion times more protein and of course, no gluten! 

 Apples and  Cottage Cheese
prep time: under a minute
ingredients: 2 cups of cottage cheese and an apple
calories: 245
lots of protein: check
fruits and veg: check

There's a reason this is a diet staple. Scoop, slice and nom. It helps that I like the creamy taste of cottage cheese (low-fat, not that dry disgusting fat-free, you need a little fat to feel full) with the crunch of the apples.
4 Minute Eggs + Strawberry & Spinach Salad with Light Dressing:

prep time: 5 minutes
ingredients: eggs, spinach, strawberries, dressing (I use a yogurt blue cheese dressing from Bolthouse Farms, which is 35 calories for 2 tbsp!)
calories: 387 (depending on dressing)
lots of protein: check
fruits and veg: check

4 minute eggs are custardy, creamy and soft on the inside. Very indulgent.

The sweet strawberries, crisp spinach and creamy dressing is simple but so delicious!

One other tip. I've found I can eat whatever I want as long as it's in healthy amounts. But that's where I falter - how much is a tbsp? A quarter of a cup?!? Therefore, I find that measuring tools which are cute to have around are an essential for when I'm on the healthy food band wagon. Really, how much harder is it to use a tbsp measure than a spoon to scoop? Answer, not at all!
Also, how cute are these ones from Anthropology?

measuring spoons
Measuring Cups