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Now, derby devotees swear that women at these events are all about the shoes and the hats. To which I reply, pffffft. Of course they care about the dress. They may pick the dress to match the hat, but at the end of the day, the dress is everything. So if your style is more Olsen Twin than Tory Burch, I picked my favorite dresses that embrace all the things I love about derby while still appeasing the manic pixie dream girl who lives inside me and urges me to dye my hair pink.

 Floral chiffon is a derby staple, but this look is much more rock'n'roll than any chiffon dress I have seen, ever. Plus the midi-length and cap sleeves keep the cut-outs a little demure.


Floral Chiffon Gone Totally Rogue (FreePeople)

They call it the run for the roses for a reason. But red roses would be so on the nose. However these avant-garde roses done in electric blue and purple from Australian brand Sokuhaci is sweet, summery and just a little bit edgy.

The effortless silhouette, slinky straps and silky fabric make it easy-breezy beautiful...

Run for the Blue & Purple Roses  (NastyGal)
Take the classic linen sheath, staple of southern belles ad infinitum, and make it badass. That's what this sassy, dark blue mirrored floral embroidery does. Plus mirrored patterns like this are very flattering (they trick the eye into seeing your body as more of a coke bottle and hide all manner of flaws.)

Badass Linen & Embroidery (FreePeople)

This dress would almost be a derby cliche if it weren't for the fact that it's cut way down to there. Not for the faint of heart (or full chested) this classic fit and flare, peach striped concoction becomes totally sex kitten with cut-outs in front, and a deep-v sheer, patterned back.

Sexy Structured Cut Outs (NastyGal)

This ruffled, girly, airy dress is summery, light and sweet. It's also easy to throw on, and excellent for twirling. Ideal for evenings where you expect to lose your shoes during an impromptu dance party.

Peach Tiered Chiffon Confection (NastyGal

Nothing says spring and summer like big white lace and bare shoulders.

One word: Hot

Off Shoulder Lace (FreePeople)