I have become increasingly attached to my little mullet-in-training. I never expected to like it this much, scarred as I was by my previous attempt at a pixie in middle school (as seen here). So obviously, my not hating it has come as a delightful treat to myself.

Because of my shameful obsession with instagram, and my desire to document my hair regrowth in a way that is cute, I have become a little nutty. I know it. But it needed to be done. There needed to be post-chemo pictures that looked Ok and not, let's just be honest here, as scary as some other sites have made it. Let's just say curly mullets, lots of bandanas and horrible poufs abound.
But I refused to accept this as my fate. And so, I approached the growth of my hair as I would any project of this high importance - obsessive, researched based pinning

I feel like the last 5 years has truly been revolutionary, not only in the science of cancer treatment, but in the celebrities who went bald/short/pixie, paving the way for those of us who have no choice about it. With their sterling examples it has become easier to transition stylishly with the help of their exorbitantly- priced celebrity stylists. Thank you Charlize, Anne, Goddess Ginnifer, Pixie (yes, that's her name), Miley, patron St. Michelle, Carey and the founding mothers of the movement, Edie & Audrey.

With that in mind, I have noticed _both from pictures and from "empirical evidence" aka when people compliment me - that there are certain "tricks" which have helped me ease the transition from Mr. Clean/"You look like that model" Amber Rose to Pixie Fairy Princess. And today, my darlings, I plan to share these revelations with you. Not because I think those of you blessed with hair should join me in pixie land, but because I know some of you who read this will have little sproutlings of your own very, very soon. Also, if you want to know what my product regimen was, you can read all about it here.

Pixie Cut 101

Trick #1: Ear Fringe 

Now, you will notice as your hair grows back in (or, if you are getting this cut on purpose, you brave soul you) that certain parts of your head grow in faster than others. It's like men with that friar tuck ring - the top of the head is thinner/grows slower. This can manifest badly (hello mullet) but in the case of the ear fringe it can be a good thing. Ear fringe is very femme. Men just don't go there. It's also a fun way to see how "long" your hair is.

Trick #2: The Cat Eye 

There is something about the cat-eye that takes the pixie look from edgy/outcast to vintage/preppy that I like a lot. I think this combo is very pretty and femme, something you may have noticed makes me like my short hair more (as an exile from the land of long flowing locks, this clearly figures into my hair aspirations.) I have found this particular thing much easier to master since I acquired the Eyeko Liquid Liner Pen (buy it here) and after watching this video.

TRICK #3: Make the Other Hair Full and Luscious

Also, never ever doubt the power of a heavy hand with eyeliner in place of eyelashes. Seriously, nobody notices the difference... This got me through 2 long months of eyelashlessness during chemo when using falsies can be an eye infection waiting to happen.

Your scalp is not the only hair up there that matters - the eyebrows and eyelashes are pretty crucial too. I found mine grew back in SUPER thick, which is totally awesome. And before they did, let's be honest, I had a pretty heavy hand with the Anastasia eyebrow kitblack eyeliner and lash extensions (once my doc gave the okay!) The combo of big, bold brows + fluttery lashes + hair abbreviated is a power combo.

TRICK #4: Start with a Clean Slate & Then Part it 

People often compliment my "hair cut". I am still way to traumatized by the falling-out-of-the-hair to let a pair of scissors come anywhere near my precious baby mullet. It is just growing in this way. And I think it's because I made the leap and went shiny, hot-razor-bald, thereby allowing the hair to grow back in thick and even. (Remember this?)

As soon as you have a little, itty bit of hair you can start to "part" it. There is something about a part that is just innately feminine in nature - masking the masculinity of the shorter crop, and adding a deliberate style intention that can be hard when you don't have a lot to work with.

This article was originally published in March, 2013.