Saturday night I WENT TO A  CLUB. I know, I know, what am I twenty? I haven't been dancing in FOREVER. Nevertheless there I was and this song came on and I was like TO THE DANCEFLOOR. NOW.

And of course, I know the Dj (Plus 5 cool points??) from back in the day. Like, when I was actually 25. So I messaged him and was like "WHAT IS YOUR SOUNDCLOUD?WHAT WAS THAT SONG? TELL ME NOW" and he is a very nice man who was like, here crazy calm down (j/k that was just in my head)

headphones by frends

So, download THIS SONG now. It's a mashup of Ignition and Pheonix. BLESS.  Then go check out DJ Illborn's steam on Soundcloud. You're welcome.