Remember when I had a blonde pixie? Me too. What made that awesome was that I could get a color that my naturally dark hair would not go to because it was just super-fine baby hair.

Now that my hair is a little longer, I'm revisiting a favorite color that I haven't gone to in awhile. RED.
My hair has tons of red in it naturally, so we lifted the color a few shades and suddenly me and Emma Stone are twinsies. Right? Right. (I wish)

Will you lighten up for spring? The secret to getting a good (non-brassy) red or blonde when you are going from dark is to mix in some blue. My stylist/mom uses a special blue powder mix. Remember, never go more than two shades lighter at home!!

You can also use a blue shampoo (I love this one by Aveda) to keep the brassiness at bay through multiple washes.