Never heard of a manic pixie dream girl? You've probably seen one in a movie a time or two (list of 16 here) or read about her demise in NY Mag (doubtful) but she lives on in my heart, and in my deep suspicions that I might be one. Need a good laugh? This video - State Home for Manic Pixie Dream Girls - always has me in stitches. "I paid the cabdriver in buttons!" Anyways, I digress. MPDG give great fashion. As the video explains, they are cute, but also quirky and awkward. They love glitter. They dance in the rain. They wonder at the marvels of every moment. They decide to dye their hair to match their favorite lipstick, they own flower crowns "just in case", and they wear adorable peasant dresses around the house on rainy days. None of the latter is in the movie, but it should be. Fashion is supposed to be fun, right?