The other day I was sitting down with an old friend and as our chats meandered she mentioned that there was this new line of pants in beta that were essentially suit pants made out of yoga pant material. I guess the idea being you could go straight from work to workout. But of course, my smart mouth reaction to this was "Oh, cool, so you can look awkward both at work AND at the gym. Perf."

Of course, the universe is known to come along and make me eat my words. As was aptly demonstrated by these amazing pants that came in the mail yesterday from my friends at the Lululemon Lab. I like to think that me and Lulu' are kindred spirits - spreading positive vibes and good thoughts and encouraging health, wellness and good looking tushes. I also think they were smart enough to realize that there are (many) people out there who basically live 24/7 in our yoga pants (me).

Perhaps, sometimes, we might want to look a little more fashionable? Perhaps we might occasionally want to look like we are not on our way to/from some kind of workout class? Maybe we would like to wear shoes other than flip flops or sneakers? Maybe the thought of changing pants is enough to deter us from making it to a workout at the end of a long day? (Possibly that last one is just me, but anyways...)

These pants are amazing. They are made of that thick, hold it all in, no chafing/muffin topping, fabric that I love, but with the kind of sleek, high fashion details that make them totally club-worthy (were I the kind of person who went to clubs, which alas I am not.) My favorite detail is the adorable gold ankle zippers but I also like the sleek, ribbed moto-esque side panels (verrrry flattering.) I also want to draw attention to the fact that the traditional reflective Lululemon logo is blacked out, eliminating the tell-tale mark that shows you are wearing workout clothes. #genius

Today I paired mine with an old flannel shirt from Urban Outfitters circa 2004 and my favorite Tom's Suede Wedges. Instead of looking like I forgot to pack pants in my gym bag, the outfit looked adorable and put together.  

So, here I am eating my words and figuring out how I can get more of these bad boys in my wardrobe ASAP because what I need in my life is...

Where's the logo? It's there but you can't see it!

And then, when it's time to workout... Off comes the flannel and the wedges and underneath is my favorite lululemon sports bra and cool racerback (one of my fave layering pieces)  and ta daaaa, let's see your skinny jeans do this: