I was raised very bohemian (my dad is for reals Czeck, like used to print for City Lights Bookstore bohemian) and my mom is a gypsy Hungarian. So of course, it's been a long growing out process to get back from cool, cutting edge bald chick/pixie to something more in tune with my boho/gypset style preference. 

My hair is finally long enough to start experimenting with braiding, the special sauce for this boho meets grown-up look for dinner with my fiance's coworkers. 

With hair this short, you cant make a braid and wrap it around. You really need to use the "french" method of braiding by selecting small sections and weaving them around. The trick is to go 2/3 around with one braid and then 1/3 with the other, so you meet on the side instead of the middle. Nobody thinks to look there, so you get a nice "crown" even though you didn't have to reverse braid. 

I paired the hippy hair with some necklaces and then a grown-up blouse and jacket so as to be more profesh. (Intentional bad grammar and abbrev alert!!) If you need a french braid tutorial, check out the ones I pinned to my growing it out board, an excellent source of hair transition inspiration.